About Us


Siha Organic is an agricultural company that takes part in the production, distribution and retail of organic produce as well as provision of feasible technological solutions in the food system. Our model farm is responsible for the production of produce and training of small-scale farmers. We have also established a seamless logistics systems that ensure a smooth distribution of produce from farms to retail stores and finally to end consumers. Presence of an online and physical store has also  greatly eased the process of purchasing groceries for our consumers. Currently, we are in the process of developing  and testing our farm surveillance and management system, that integrates both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. The system will be crucial in monitoring general plant well being as well as analyze and essential farm data.


Siha was officially registered in October 2020 by two co-founders, Seif Waziri and Paul Rugendo. The two met at Egerton University, where they were pursuing their Bachelors in Enterprise and Smart Business Management. Paul’s passion for farming and Seif’s love for fitness motivated them to form a business that incorporates farming, health and technology. They are both determined to create a healthy lifestyle with an organic approach across the society.

Vision and Mission

Living a healthy lifestyle with an organic approach.

To provide affordable, healthy and convenient solutions in the agricultural value chain.

Why Choose Us

SIHA focuses on offering organic products that boost your immunity, as well a dietary plan to get your nutrition plan in shape. Our products are farmed using natural fertilizers / pesticides, making them safe for consumption.
  • Convenience
  • Healthy
  • Affordable

Our Services

  • Organic Farming and Training
  • Urban farming & Kitchen gardening
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Last Mile delivery
  • Development and management of agricultural technology systems


I loved SIHA organic groceries, This guys deliver on time and their prices are affordable. Value for Money ! I highly recommend.
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SIHA customer care is on point. They literally deliver in minutes and their prices are affordable. I liked their professionalism and their unique approach to healthy living.
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